Become a bus driver at Ötztaler!

Your role would involve:

  • Driving services
  • Sales of tickets to customers
  • Passenger information: This also covers knowledge of tourist attractions in our transport area
  • Communication of vehicle faults and passing on information about road and traffic conditions.



Start with
€1.900,- netto


working models


50% Ötztaler support,
of your training costs


Free ride for
family members


Company smartphone

Apply now!

Send us your application cover letter and CV by post (Ötztaler, Ötztalstrasse 2, 6450 Sölden) or by email to the HR Manager Franz Sailer


As the biggest bus company in the West Tyrol, we are a key partner in public transport. All year round, we bring children and young adults to school, commuters from home to work and make it easy for thousands of holidaymakers to do without a car. We currently employ around 60 staff in our team - why not join us?


So you don’t have the right driver’s licence?

No problem - you can get D Class driver approval in a definable period of six to ten weeks.

Costs: Including all fees, and depending on the required driving hours, the treasured certificate comes to approx. 2,200 to 2,600 Euro.

50% Ötztaler support: If you stay in our company for three years, we will pay for half of your training costs.


Requirements for the D Class driver’s licence:

  • Existing B driver´s license
  • Minimum age 21 on completion of training
  • Positive medical health check
  • Brief examination by a transport psychologist
  • Theory course at the driving school and at least eight practical driving hours
  • Driving license examination & professional driver examination

Many benefits at Ötztaler:

  • Unlimited, year round position
    After a trial month for both parties to get to know each other, you will enter into an unlimited employment relationship with us.
  • Payment
    Salary is based on the current collective agreement. You can expect a net starting salary (including allowances and expenses) of 1,900 Euro.
  • Regulated working hours
    We are only looking for bus drivers for scheduled services. This means you can plan your free time around your personal service schedule.
  • Part time models
    In order to preserve a balance of work and family life, or if you have to look after dependants, we can also offer flexible working models.
  • Training program
    When you start as a new employee in our company, you can expect a comprehensive induction phase. You will be given all documentation, your own personal locker, and you will get to know your new colleagues in a meet and greet tour. Then there is training on our network of scheduled services, proper driving on mountain roads, fare conditions and much more. Our driving trainer will be by your side during this, and he can give you targeted answers to all your remaining questions. Over the course of the working year, ongoing training helps your gain new knowledge, and develop in particular areas.

Other benefits

  • Free travel for our employees and their family members (first degree relationship) on all our scheduled services.
  • Free car parking at company sites
  • Rest and social areas
  • Company smartphone


Any other questions?

ÖTZTALER Verkehrsgesellschaft
Managing Director Franz Sailer
Ötztalstrasse 2
6450 Sölden

Phone: 05254-3550